Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day.76- Onward

So I realized I never ended really at all. It's been a while since ive wroten anything here. more or less my leg is pretty much fully healed, still hurts once in a while but im done with physio and ive started run/walk intervals and im gearing up to play soccer in the spring!! everything is going peachy, finished my fitness assesment in time and now just waiting to hear if I got into the paramedic program or not! should be fun. if i didnt well currently I dont have a plan B so ill cross that bridge when it comes. im just happy my ankle is better. and before i close up, here are some pictures that show my summer with a broken ankle...


Well looking at these pictures make me so not miss having my fib broken! Good times, Good times, I really don't know what I would of done without all the help of my friends - laura, kayla, scott, matt&kayla, lisa and everyone else who made my summer bearable even though I was in my bed for 90% of the time. well i just hope that next year i can run my half marathon and maybe if im lucky the full but i figure ill start with a 5k and slowly move my way up. here's to hoping! cheers!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day.68-75(Wisdom Teeth and EMR Bridge Course)

Well during the week of my wisdom teeth I was out of it for the most part. I mean I was on drugs and well didnt really do much. I attempted studying for my EMR course which failed miserbly and that was good. Scott came over on sat or sun. I forget which day and we just relaxed and watched some tv shows as I was too drugged up and tired to do anything. Than I went to church on Sunday and that was good. Connections cafe happened and the food was amazing as usual. Than on monday I didnt do much but than it was the first night of this young adults thing at Willow Park and that was awesome! I went with Laura and I only knew 4 or 5 ppl, all thanks to Scott but I met some more ppl and that was fun. It was a really good evening. There was singing and the pastor gave a sermon type thing and than we got split up into small groups. I went with Scott's group which made sense anyways and some went to BP, others went to Kelly O's and got pachos. There was 4 of us. Im thinking this week there will prolly be more as the group kinda split up. So we shall see. My parents also came back on Monday so that was awesome to have them back. Quite nice to see them again. As much as I wish I got live by myslef without my broken leg, Im happy for the time  I spent on my own as it really made me grow as a person just experience life by myself. On tue the class started again. It was good day, pretty much finished off everything else needed to be covered.
 putting on the sager splint! I hate that thing. lol
 doing up the clamp shell!
 and that is Jake!
and Im giving glucogel to Ryan. He didnt like it very much. It was fun to do a diabeties call with him as he didnt like needles and I had to poke him!
Than the following day was just doing scenaries and getting ready for our pratical exams. We also had the MC test that day. We had to get 80% or more...we all failed! lol. Me and Ryan got 78% and the other 2 got in the 70's as well. However the questions we got wrong were all the same, mostly, and the ones we got wrong were the stuff we really didnt cover in class as there wasnt time and so from that Jason said that we could write it at the end of the day again, the same test or a differnet one the following day. We opted for the same test at the end of the day. We all passed! yay! I finished with 97%. The next day was the practicals! We had to do 2 and so we got split up into 2 groups and we did a CPR call. One was unwitnessed collapese and the other one was a witnessed collapse. Me and Jake were together and we got the witnessed collapse. Twas fun. We all passed that with 80%. Than the next one Jason chose 4 scenaries and we all choose one. We didnt know what we would get. The one scenario I got was the one I didnt want. It was the limb-threatening one. Because I had only did the sager splint once I really didnt know what to do with it and so that was my pratical. It was certianly stressful! However I managed to do it somehow and passed! With 80% yay! We all passed. Than I went home and it was so nice to just relax and know I didnt have to get up early! Than on Fri,  I slept in, I relaxed, I watched tv. It was my `day off`. It was nice to have a day of doing nothing!
As for my leg well physio has been going good. My foot is healing rapidly which is awesome! And it still hurts but its getting there. Shelly thinks that after next week I could prolly go down to one physio a week which would be awesome! I really hope thats possible. So that is my past week. Cheerio!

Friday, September 21, 2012


So on Monday it was my first day of the EMR bridge course! At first I was like crap, im the only girl with 3 other guys. I thought it was gonna be totally awkard but it wasnt! the guys are really cool! Ryan, Stephan, and Jake. they are firefighters and already know each other. however i feel at ease and i enjoy hanging out with them so it was awesome. Jason, the instructor is really awesome as well. Hes a firefighter as well. We really do cover a lot in a short time. But its all like a refreser and review for me since I have already taken it but I def needed thereview thats for sur.
 me holding c-spine as we are getting stephan ready for transport!
 hooking up the IV set.
 Im getting ready to help with O2 by using a BVM mask.
 setting the clamp board to move Ryan onto the stretcher.
 that piece you see on his stomach is an organ sticking out!
 im checking the pedial pulse!
bandging up the organ!
these are just a few pics from the first 3 days. we do a bunch of different scenaries after reviewing/learning new things that we may encounter in the medical field. so its really cool because we learn it and than put it into practice which is great to learn. I really enjoy hand on courses. Jason is a great instructor! Im really glad I took it. It's defintly intresting on my foot, I wear my boot just to be safe and I think I may not use it next week,, I dunno yet. It depends how physio goes and how my foot feels. However it sometimes get annoying because if Im holding spinal or something I cant stay in one posision too long so I have to let go of spinal to switch, kinda annoying but what can you do?
 this is the face we practiced putting the OPA's in. they felt scarily real and it was creepy and gross kinda but it was good. Im really stoked for the next 3 days next week of the EMR course! Things we covered in the 3 days were Primary/Secondary survey, GCS, pulse oximetery, blood pressure, blood glucometery(it was kinda funny cause 2 of the guys were not too fond of getting needles), chest auscultation, spinal rolls, K.E.D(Day.1) and than choking/CPR stuff, pharmacology, setting up IV's(Day.2), anaphylaxis, asthma, pneumonia, hyperventilaton, pulmonary embolism, pulmonary edema, C.O.P.D, heart attack and angina, congestive heart failure, stroke, bleeding, amputations, impaled objects, chest injuries, abdominal and pelvic injures, and triage(Day.3).
lots of stuff we covered! on the day when we did heart attack and angina we got to have some entonox which is like laughing gas and it really affected me, it was a good thing I was strapped in because I was laughing my head off, it felt great. Everyone got to try some and it was awesome. It was my 2nd time getting to try it and I enjoy it.
Than on thursday here comes wisdom teeth out at 9:10. So what happend was my brother drove me to get the pills and perscriptions for the medicines. I got them and than I mailed off my paramedic application which I dont really remember doing and I was freaking out thinking I didnt but my brother assured me I did and than i found a recipet from the post office so I did send it off thank goodness!

woohoo! im super stoked I sent it off, all I need to do is my fitness assesment and Im good to go!
I than dont really remember the drive to the dentist than I remember attempting to get up the stairs by myself completely drugged up becuase It was about an hr since I took the pills and a nice lady took me up and helped me get up there and than I remember vaguely taking some photos of me and having stuff happen to my mouth. It felt like it only took half an hr but it was like an hr and a half. and than i remember waiting for a wheelchair but not getting wheeled out or getting into the vehicle. I dont remeber the drive home, I was staying at kayla's house and her parents took care of me! I was so greatful.
 this is me drugged and leaving on a wheelchair. Twas great.
Than I went to kayla's and I slept for like 4 hours and than I had some food. They made me pudding, and jello and I had ice cream, yougurt and it was great. They are amazing, what they did for me is above and beyond and Im so greatful to them. Than Scott came to visit me for a bit :) His sister had a volleyball game at the school so he went with his mom and sister and than visited me during the volleyball game and so that was nice to see him for a bit even though I was drugged up. Than me and Sharon had a chick flick night! :) we watched 2 movies and we had icecream and I took my pills and it was great. I than slept downstairs and that was my day off my wisdom teeth coming out! cherrio! btw its really hard to text right now cause of the drugs Im on haha.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Day. 57-63

 UPDATE ON LEG: started physio last week, we have a long way to go, lets just say I wont be doing any running or soccer prolly for the rest of the yr which sucks but what can you do? The exercises really make me work my foot and they hurt it. It's still swollen a bit and its painful sometimes. I have 2 physio appointments this week so hopefully theres been some noticable improvement! But God has the timing all set out for this so I will trust him since he knows what he's doing!
So my week went by a bit faster this time. There was still the usual video games, movies, facebook, guitar and all that fun stuff! on tuesday I went to a HCP course at the red cross station and I passed and now am a certified Health Care Provider. It's pretty epic. I need a updated one for my paramedic application. Im just waiting on one from Jen, my boss at work and hopefully if all goes well I will send it in on thurs or friday this week! :) yay! thats exciting. on that day I also got my EMR stuff for the EMR Bridge course Im taking this week and next and so I had 5 days to go through the whole book and worksheets for it. It was pretty intesne. However I did all of it in 4 days and had Sunday to relax which was nice!
 thats the book I had to go through! and read all of it!
this was after day 2 of doing stuff and it was just insane the amount I went through. Granted I had no life but at least I was able to do it!
On friday it was Justin's birthday, who is Kayla's boyfriend and so I went to his house with Laura a bit later and there was bonfire, smores, hottub, country music, and just a bunch of awesome ppl. Meet some new guys and they were cool. Also during the week I went to beasley and looked at the sunset and went star gazing! its pretty awesome!
                                                                     They are super pretty! and i enjoy looking at them!
That is my week in a nutshell! This one should be intresting! And almost done week 10. I cant believe its been that long already!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


So on friday I woke up, went for a swim, went in the hottub, had a shower and than watched some 24 and studied a bit. I love pools because not only is it therapeutic but you can put all your weight on your bad foot and not feel a thing! :D In the evening went down to Beasley and looked at the stars! It was quite nice! I enjoy doing that. That same day I was looking at running stuff online from Sport Check and the tings I would like to have for running, well let's just say I need to somehow get 540$. Oh joy, good thing I'm hopefully going back to work next week!! There was a lot of shooting stars last night, it was pretty epic!
 Today I got up, went shopping and had a most awkward bus ride there. So I left the condo late and barley made it to the bus on time, the doors had closed and everything, it was great. So anyways I was on the bus and most of the seats were taken so I had to take an awkward in the middle one that had no sides or anything and my crutches kept sliding everywhere. Than this guy came on and sat beside me on one of those chairs so now im squished and he reeked of cigerattes and weed or something along those lines. It was awful and I almost gagged cause I do not like the smell of that stuff but of course I couldnt move cause there was no seats available and when there was, there was always more ppl getting on so itjust didnt work out. So I had that all until I got off the stop at Coops. Fun times...anyways I go shopping, say hi to everyone and start going to the bus stop....end up missing the bus and so than having to go back to Coops, stick my groceries in the cooler and more or less chill there for an hr while waiting cause there really wasnt any other place I could go. I wore my robo boot and than I was able to walk around and grab groceries as I didnt need to use my crutches. Than finally I caught the bus and than I went home, went for swim, showered ate lunch - pasta in the shapes of disney princesses! I was quite stoked!
its epic sauce!
anyways than i did the same old same old. studied, ratchet and clank and than went down to beasley and looked up at the stars again, I love doing that, even though I cant stay overlly long because it gets cold but its nice to get outside. I saw a lotta shooting stars again! :) it was fun. than I went to bed and fell asleep very fast cause I was quite. well there you have it...9.5weeks done diddly done! cheerio! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day.53-54 - Start of the Recovery Period - Week 9

So this the start of my 9th week and its a recovery one. Yesterday I went to my orthopedic appointment. Of course the buses made it fun going there, the Lake Country one was late and than the 97xpress broke down and we had to wait for another at UBCO and than it came, about 10-15min late we left, where Kayla picked me up at the Queensway station and took me to the hospital. So instead of being half an hr early, I got to be less than 10min, and thus my appointment was at 2, but I didnt get in until about 2:20-25ish. I got an xray, and than waited for the doctor to come talk to me.
 yay for xrays. i dunno if those are the most recent ones or not, they were up on the screen when I came in.
 when the doctor came in he pulled up those ones.
 and theres my legs now, noticbly differnet but at least I can wear 2 flipflops now!
The doctor said it was pretty much healed and that I didnt need the robo boot anymore! that was exciting news and so than I got him to fill out this return to work thing and cost me $20, kinda sucked but at least I hopefully get to start work next week! and than I went home and ditched the boot and havnt touched it since! however its hard for me to walk normally as its super stiff and sore still the bone but still hopefully sooner than not I can finally do my fitness assesment! :) anyways I went home, ate food, watched some 24, played some ratchet and clank and than woke up the next morning and went to my doctors appointment! I wanted to get a referal for physio so that our insurance covers it! I start physio on monday so Im kinda excited for that! I also finally went into the pool and hottub at our condo area. its really good for me to be swimming and walking in the pool as its good strengthening for my leg! it felt so nice, I have really been missing out this summer. I finally went sept but still at least I got to before it got too cold!
 pretty pretty down at beasley!
 random sunset photos!
 the colors are so pretty!
I enjoy taking photos!
for the rest of today I dont have much planned, prolly study some more, prolly play video games and watch 24. I love that show! its so good! but thats really it! cherrio! :)

Monday, September 3, 2012


A whole week since I've updated last, I know there getting longer and longer between but thats because really nothing new or exciting has really been happening. However this week has been a bit more exciting than most. Of course theres the video games, attempted guitar, its really hard to do strumming by yourself, facebook etc..however for video games, ive been doing super awesome in ratchet and clank! Getting a lot of platinum bolts, skill points, mega weapons...its great. and yesterday Scott introduced me to borderlands! which is a super awesome game. I love it. really addictive, we played for a while and than he dropped me off at home. The past week I have been studying a decent amount, well trying to. I know the major bones in the body now so Im getting somewhere. I started filling out my application form for my paramedic stuff and I pretty much have everything except for one more reference letter and a 75$ deposit. so everything is going peachy! Im actually so nervous and more or less worried about getting the fitness assesment done in time as I still cant walk but hopefully, actually I know that if God wants me to do the paramedic thing next yr, he will make it happen and he will help me and give me the ability to be fit enough to pass the asssement and hand it on time! I finally went grocery shopping - thank you to Kayla who helped, greatly appreciated! I also found out that my wisdom teeth need to go. Which is good cause they hurt and I want them gone. Actually Im kinda stoked to be super drugged up, always wanted to be so now here's my chance, and Kayla's mom said she could drive me and stay with me and help me when Im drugged up and Im super thankful for that. Church on sunday was good and I got to see my brother finally on Sunday and that was awesome. He moved into his new condo which is actually on the same floor as us which is kinda ironic but Im happy that's he close once again. My leg has been doing okay, it seems easier to stand in the shower which is good and so I'm hoping that means theres actually a sign of improvement when the next xrays come which is on tue! only time will tell! cheerio!